Women in STEM


Namaqualand Daisy
What inspirational message would you give young girls to inspire them to pursue a career in STEM?


Science is part of the fabric of every aspect of our lives. A career in STEM takes you to the core of what makes our world tick and could give you the tools to be a part of solving some of the most challenging and topical problems of our time. You could be a part of the climate change solution, or a key player in groundbreaking medical research. Perhaps you could write code that makes a car drive itself, or you could start a company where people collaborate to build up our society.

Many of the skills learnt in a STEM career are transferable and few people know as they start out exactly where the road will take them. With a career in STEM however, there are multiple exciting possibilities.

While STEM fields are traditionally regarded as male-dominated, this is steadily and rightfully changing. Women have enormous value to bring to the field, and a perspective which differs from their male counterparts. Every young woman who joins a STEM field takes us closer to a world where “women in STEM” are in no way an exception but rather the norm.